The most successful people in the world look for productivity boosters in the form of their diet, exercise and structured schedules. The foods we eat affect our brain function which then affects our actions and energy throughout daily life.

You will not find coffee on this list. Instead I’m providing more nutrient dense foods that will help with your productivity outside of caffeinated drinks. When it comes to accomplishing our goals, we need fuel to ignite the fire inside of us. Your body needs fuel to function properly. If you give your body crap all the time, it won’t matter how many productivity hacks you implement. You won’t be performing at your highest potential.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, try incorporating these 10 foods into your diet to jump-start your productivity:

1. Berries

Berries are excellent antioxidant rich foods. I love topping my Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries. Berries improve memory function and have been linked to preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. As they say the darker the berry…the higher level of antioxidants; the more productive benefits you’ll see.

2. Salmon

Salmon has to be the holy grail of fish. True story, my grandma gave me a massive piece of salmon the night before I took the SATs. She swore it would help me ace the test. Salmon has high omega-3 fatty acids. This helps improve memory and mental performance, it also helps with depression. Which we know can be a productivity killer.

3. Nuts

I blame my last corporate job for why I love snacking on nuts. We always had assorted trail mixes near our desks. Nuts are an excellent source of protein and natural fat that our body needs. They are also high in antioxidants, vitamin E, and amino acids. Almonds and walnuts are my favorite nuts. These two nuts specifically contain the best ingredients for brainpower.

4. Bananas

I’ve never been a fan of bananas. However, as I mature and learn more about food, I have found ways to make eating bananas more bearable. For instance, I like to add bananas to my moringa protein powder smoothies. Glucose provides our body with energy. A single banana contains the daily amount of glucose our body needs.

5. Brown rice

My favorite brown rice to make is the Trader Joes basmati brown rice. Brown rice is full of magnesium. Magnesium is an excellent stress reliever and productivity booster. I enjoy brown rice right after a workout for a nice energy boost.

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6. Water

The only non-food item on this list. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Meaning that our entire body functions smoother when we drink ample amount of water. Experts recommend drinking half your body weight in water daily. It also does wonders for your skin. Additionally, many of us mistake thirst for hunger. Before you grab a snack, drink a cup of water and see how you feel after.

7. Eggs

I’ve been eating eggs in the morning for as long as I could get solid foods. I love eggs. Eggs have been shown to have positive results in increasing memory and mental alertness.

8. Spinach

Just like Popeye I love spinach. I remember being one of the only kids growing up who actually enjoyed Spinach. Spinach slows the rate of cognitive decline, meaning your brain will stay alert longer. It also improves your ability to learn.

9. Moringa

If you’re not familiar with moringa, it’s a super green more nutritious than kale. I thought kale was the holy grail so I was excited to discover moringa. It has 3x the calcium as kale, 4x the amount of iron and 2.5x the amount of fiber. I love how more mentally sharp I feel after consuming moringa. I have a blog post dedicated to this super green, check it out here.  If you’re interested in trying some of Kuli Kuli’s moringa products including protein powders, bars, organic shots and teas, head to! Use code “SADE15“ for 15% off your order.

10. Greek yogurt

I’m a huge Greek yogurt fan. This yogurt contains helpful probiotics and amino acids that help boost your mood and behavior. Greek yogurt is also known to lower blood pressure.