Is it just me or is self care a buzz word everyone likes to use nowadays? Typically, buzz words annoy me but self-care is one I support. Caring for yourself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation. I always tell my time management clients, being productive is not just about getting work related tasks done, but it’s also spending time working on your wellness, fitness, and doing things that bring you joy. You shouldn’t work 24/7. Taking breaks and resting makes you more productive.

Overworked people tend to make more mistakes, act out of emotion instead of being rational, and are dissatisfied with their lives.  Believe me, I’ve felt this way many times and still do from time to time. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed and like I’m struggling to maintain focus, I prioritize doing something that makes me happy. I speed up my progress by slowing down to avoid burnout.

Here are some things you can do this fall season to revamp your self care routine:

1. Spend some time in nature

Sit outside with your favorite warm drink and watch the leaves change color. Go apple picking, explore a pumpkin patch or go for a walk in your favorite park. I recently went on an amazing 5 mile hike in Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

2. Binge watch your favorite seasonal movies

Hocus Pocus anyone?

3. Decorate your home with seasonal décor

If you’re into home décor, you’ll enjoy picking out new decorative items for the season. This can include pillow covers, pumpkins, gourds, wall art, etc. I love buying fall scents and candles like pumpkin, apple cider, cinnamon and different wood scents.

4. Make some fall inspired cocktails

In this Delish article you’ll find recipes for spiced rum cocktails, apple cider mojitos etc.

5. If baking is more your thing, bake some fall goodies

Apple pie, apple cider donuts, pecan pie etc. You can find some recipes here.

6. Revamp your skincare routine

Here a blog post with some of my favorite skin care products. As the weather gets cooler, your skin may get drier. You’ll want to double down on your moisturizer to keep your skin glowing.

7. Journal

Fall always feel like a time of transition. We go from summer fun to ending the year off and preparing for the holidays. Make sure to spend sometime reflecting, writing down what you’re thankful for, or writing down things you’re happy you’ve accomplished, just get your thoughts out on some paper.

8. Enjoy some fresh seasonal food

Head to your local grocery store and pick up some seasonal produce like apples, cranberries, pears, plums, kale, squash, arugula etc.

9. De-clutter

We’re all spending more times in our homes. So now you have the time to throw out old items and replace them with better ones. Refresh your home as you see fit. Throw out point-less pieces of paper or boxes of things you haven’t touched in months.

10. Rest

I used to be the girl who felt guilty spending hours doing nothing. Now I love to spend hours on a Sunday in bed reading, sleeping, meditating, journaling, watching shows; just relaxing. These moments always help me reconnect with myself.

Happy fall! If you have any other self care activities you enjoy doing in fall, share them in the comments.