Things are scary right now. I do my best not to let the news scare me but deep down it does at times. As a type-A person, I tend to like control and I feel a lot less of that right now. Know and trust that you aren’t alone with feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Our brains perceive ambiguity as a threat, and it tries to protect us by lessening our ability to focus on anything other than creating certainty. Studies show that job uncertainty, for instance, tends to take a more significant toll on our health than actually losing our job. Wild right?! Ironically the only certain thing in our lives is uncertainty.

The truth is we have no control over the future but we do have control of our present and our mindset. Everyone struggles with following through on their goals. There are ups and downs with all our lives. Things rarely go as planned and often we have to learn to adjust quickly to curveballs. Learning to cope with anxiety and stress can be accomplished even in life’s most challenging moments. I’m going to share 5 Ways To Deal With Uncertainty below.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Don’t suppress them. I posted a graphic that resonated with many people a couple of weeks ago and it explained that suppressing your emotions is not a badge of honor. You DO NOT need to be strong all of the time. It’s okay to cry, feel weak and take a break when needed. Take time to process how you’re really feeling. Ask yourself what triggered this emotion and how can you heal. Acknowledge that uncertainty is a normal part of life.

I speak with clients all the time who are hard on themselves because they don’t see immediate results. They ignore all the other elements going on in their lives and expect to perform at 100% no matter what they’re dealing with. You are not a robot. The results always come but often not in the time frame we want. It’s better to focus on the process & to practice self-compassion instead.

2. Prioritize your self-care

Self-care isn’t just bubble baths and facials; it’s doing the much-needed inner work. It’s having difficult conversations, setting appropriate boundaries, and standing up for yourself. Ditch the habit of putting yourself last and start prioritizing your wellness. Just like when we’re on an airplane, we have to put our oxygen mask on first before we can help anyone else.

When we don’t care for our bodies and minds, we are not able to react well to situations. I know this is nothing new for many of you. But despite you being aware of the facts, you haven’t constantly changed. Take an action to better your health. Set a consistent bedtime, plan your meals ahead of time, drink water, and move your body!

3. Separate reality from fantasy

Your mind will play tricks on you. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction. Thus, what you think about on the regular, becomes your reality. When I first started going to therapy for my anxiety, my therapist would literally ask me what are the facts to support whatever I was talking about. I used to hate that question because she was always right. More often than not, what I was complaining about was all speculation and assumptions created in my head. It happens to the best of us. Whenever I feel myself spiraling, I ask myself, what are the facts of this situation? Try this tip, it’s life-changing.

4. Be present

Take it day by day. Don’t worry about tomorrow or get bogged up with what happened yesterday, be in the moment. Easier said than done. However, for me, training myself to meditate daily has helped me to be more present. I swear by the Calm app but find what works for you and practice being still and present. Learning to be more present will help you to deal with uncertainty and the fear of what will happen in the future. Turn off your phone notifications, turn off the TV and be still. Breath and take some time to reflect and visualize what you desire in your life.

5. Look for the silver lining

There’s always something to be grateful for. There’s a lesson to learn from everything. Everything that happens to you happens for a divine reason. While it may feel helpful to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, that attitude will only hold you back in life. You can reach your desired destination in life quicker when you focus more on all the abundance you have.

Our negativity bias can also set us up for failure. When we expect the worst, we often feel too afraid or close-minded to seize opportunities or respond to challenges with creativity and grit. When you change your outlook on negativity, you will experience less stress. If something that happens to you won’t affect your life 5 years from now, don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset about it. Maintain your inner peace.


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