Happy Black History Month y’all!! I would like to highlight a Black-owned company with an amazing product for growing your edges back, Edge Naturale. A lot of people deal with thinning hair, especially in the Black community. Our hair is magical and we have the ability to manipulate it and do so many different styles. With all that styling we need to make sure we’re also maintaining healthy hair.

How do I grow my edges back?!

Consistent hair care is the most important thing if you want to grow your edges back. That means fixing harmful hair habits and keeping your scalp as healthy and hydrated it can be. The owner of Edge Naturale, Shantel Summers created Edge Naturale to not just help encourage your natural hair growth, but also help you moisturize and condition even the driest hair and scalp.

Like any other woman looking for hair products, I was skeptical at first about whether or not the product would work. I took a leap of faith and started using it. In a couple of weeks, I actually noticed hair growth! Check out my before and after pics from its past summer here. I still use this product to moisture my scalp. It’s become a staple in my regime. It has a fresh minty scent and it is super lightweight. I put it on in the morning and night.

Product Ingredients

This treatment is formulated with a natural blend that has been praised for reviving thinning edges, bald spots, beards, and even eyebrows! The ingredients are made and tested in America, cruelty-free, vegan & gluten-free. It’s constructed of natural oils, peppermint, and coconut milk.

Product Review

This product ships quickly and is easy to order. They also have a sale going on for Black History Month, use code “BLM” for 20% off. The 2 oz. container is more than enough to last for a while. A little product goes a long way. All you have to do is make sure to clean your hairline of oils before you apply the product. I use warm water to cleanse my edges or area of application. Then I apply the product to my hair with my fingertips and massage it in. You will feel a tingling sensation, this is the product stimulating your hair follicles. Do this twice daily for best results.

I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to regrow damaged areas of their hair naturally. If you have any questions about Edge Naturale, feel free to comment them below! Remember all hair grows and with the right moisturizing products, you can maintain healthy hair growth.