We all know how important a morning routine is. It’s what all highly successful people swear contributes to their success. You can find various videos sharing what you should be doing in your morning routine. I’m going to share three simple aspects that you probably haven’t heard in any of those videos. Whether you consider yourself a morning person or not, these three tips will be game-changers.

I encourage you to try these three tasks for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any mood changes. These changes will be most effective if you’re getting adequate sleep every night. I strive to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every night excluding weekends. During the weekend, I typically stay up just a little later, however, I do sleep for the same amount of hours as I do on the weekdays.

Here’s a screenshot of what one of my clients had to say about following these tips, they made a BIG difference for her:

1. Stop snoozing & immediately get out of your bed

Snoozing is the first failure of the day. I know that was harsh but it’s true. Think about it…the night before you set a goal for yourself to wake up at a specific time. Then when the time came to achieve the goal you pushed it off and didn’t accomplish it. You’ve now conditioned your brain to think not committing to your goals is okay. Now if you’re very sick or have an emergency reason to snooze then I get it but more times than not, you don’t. Stop snoozing.

Instead, place your alarm clock or phone away from you. This will force you to have to get up to turn it off. Once you’re out the bed, plant your bed on the floor, turn off the alarm, make your bed, and start your day. If you can develop the discipline to do this, your life and what you’re able to achieve on a daily basis will transform exponentially.

2. Drink 8 or more ounces of water 

Every night, I put a full 16oz bottle of water next to my bed before I go to sleep. Our body consists of more than 50% of water. After 6 or more hours without water, our body needs to be hydrated to keep working properly. As well, drinking water helps release toxins in the body. It also wakes up our body in the morning.

Eliminating toxins keeps your skin glowing, boosts your immune system, and jump-starts your metabolism. One of the main factors of tiredness is actually dehydration. Go ahead and drink your coffee or tea but make sure you have water first! After I drink my water, I then make sure to soak in some sunlight by opening my blinds. Or if it’s dark outside (like it is in ATL before 8am smh) I make sure to immediately turn on the lights in my room to signal to my body to get up.

3. Stretch

Stretching doesn’t have to be this long thought-out process. Just move your body a bit, doing some basic stretches will suffice. So before you go grab your phone and start scrolling or checking email, lift your arms above your head and twist from side to side then go ahead and touch your toes. Add a little shoulder roll or shimmy then bam! You’ve stretched.

Regular stretching builds both strength and flexibility, helping your body stay healthy and alert throughout the day. Bye-bye brain fog!

A physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, David Nolan, recommends we all stretch daily in order to protect our mobility and independence. Research shows that stretching boosts blood flow which helps circulate oxygen to your brain. One study performed on men who’ve survived heart attacks found that even one stretching session improved their circulation. Moving your body in the morning and throughout the day will shift your mindset and help you stay alert and productive.

These three items are extremely simple and collectively take you less than 15 minutes. I know all of you reading this can dedicate 15 minutes to improve your wellness and productivity every morning. Go ahead and take action! If you’re in need of some assistance with creating healthier morning and night routines, I can help you create morning and night routines that best fit your lifestyle. My proven methods can help you jumpstart your day and wind down after a stressful day to avoid burnout. To learn more, book a free discovery call with me here.