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Helping people succeed fires me up. That’s why THE FIRE INSIDE revolves around you—your passions, your wellness, your personal development. Are you ready to craft a life that sets your soul on fire? See how I can help with my services below.

time management coaching

I provide 1:1 coaching services to holistically transform your time management. It’s time to go from feeling stressed and unorganized to productive and productive, highly profitable, and achieving your goals. I offer two types of coaching. The first one is a comprehensive 12-week 1:1 coaching program called Reclaim Your Time where I teach you how to design your days like a highly effective person and get more of what matters to you accomplished. The second is a 90-minute 1:1 Intensive where we dig deep on your most pressing productivity problem.

digital products

Looking for a little extra something to brighten your fire? Look no further! Our products will surely add a little extra “POW” as you go through this amazing journey of transforming your time management.

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1:1 coaching program

The 12-week program is for the ambitious person looking to learn and implement proven time management strategies, transform their daily routines, habits, and discipline while being held accountable by their coach for three months.

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30-day 1:1 intensive

In this 30-day 1:1 Intensive Time Management Package, we’ll formulate a solution for your most pressing time management issue. This package is for the person looking to get crystal clear on their main time management challenge and create a plan to solve their main issue. Such as creating the perfect schedule for your lifestyle as an example.

You’ll receive two 90 minute coaching sessions, a customized productivity plan, a replay of our sessions, and 30 days of Voxer accountability.

Sessions will be held via Zoom. It will be transformative and fun. 
I have limited spots each month for 1:1 Intensives so take action now.


The best part of the Reclaim Your Time program was having someone to keep you accountable and that was my mental motivation to do things.

Testimonial by Chris D.


freelance writing

I love inspiring and educating others through writing. I’ve been a writer all my life and a blogger for the last four years. I post weekly content on my blog and have written for other publications such as BossBabe, Shine , and MantraBand. If you’re interested in writing services within the categories of Personal Development, Wellness, Lifestyle, or Travel, shoot an email to


brand collaboration

Creating authentic content for brands that also inspire my audience is my thing! If your brand is seeking quality, engaging posts with a genuine desire to share your brand with my audience, then look no further. Deliverable options include sponsored posts, Instagram feed, story, reel, tv and lives, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter posts, blog posts, product reviews/giveaways, event host/attendance, brand ambassadorship, and account takeovers. For brand collaborations, please email and include the service or product, the website, and what you envision for the collaboration.

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