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These ambitious people decided to invest in igniting the fire inside themselves through our coaching services. Read their testimonials and get excited about your success story as you do!

Find Harmony. Feel Empowered. Take Action.

The money you spend on the program is nothing compared to the amount of peace you’ll gain in your life after Sade helps you get organized! I was skeptical about the cost at first, but I’d do it all over again 100% if i knew I’d feel this clear headed afterwards.

Testimonial by Sharana C.

The Reclaim Your Time program has changed the way I structure my days and how productive I can be. Within just six weeks I was able to turn around bad practices that I’ve been doing for years. I can officially say I have a side hustle because of this.

Testimonial by Chris D.

I have begun to be intentional with making lists every morning and throughout the day. I am more conscious with prioritizing certain things. In general, I’m way more aware with the amount of hours in the day and what’s realistic to get through.

Testimonial by Emily B.

If you’re reading this it means you’ve found yourself on the fence about Sade’s coaching program and I’m here to tell you to have an open mind about it, because obviously this is important to you that’s why you’re here so go for it. I did, and now I literally found the time and energy to make and run my own entertainment company, which wasn’t my goal, but I’m happy I did join the program and went for it.

Testimonial by Luis S.

I’ve never felt as powerful, bossed up, and in control of my life as I do now. Now, I take “simple” things more seriously because I understand that the “simple” things are what shapes my day. Without my morning routine, my day is in disarray. Without my night routine, my morning is disheveled. Sade helped me to hone in on how to pinpoint what’s most important to me and even reminded me of why it’s important and how to continue to hold it as a top priority when planning my schedule. I’m already planning to book her again because my life drastically improved in just 8 weeks with her help. I went from unemployed to working at an Ivy League university, from disorganized to time vigilant and from powerless to empowered.

Testimonial by Imani B.

I’ve never felt as powerful, bossed up, and in control of my life as I do now. Now, I take “simple” things more seriously because I understand that the “simple” things are what shapes my day…

Testimonial by Imani B.

Your coaching is perfect for someone who doesn’t know where to start. Someone who is ambitious with their goals but doesn’t know how to tangibly achieve them.  I definitely feel like my time management has improved in comparison to when I first joined. I think I have a solid framework and guide to refer to when addressing how my time is spent and useful tools that contributed to that improvement. This is the ultimate investment in yourself, my confidence has improved as a byproduct of working with this coaching program.

Testimonial by Tatiana C.

Working with Sade Jones was the best 2-months of my life. As a rising entrepreneur, I questioned every action or plan I made because it didn’t seem perfect which resulted in me giving up on my goals. Sade stepped in and altered my whole mindset.  She demonstrated effective ways to make time work for you and a different perspective of communication – the questions you ask, the patience you grant yourself, the consistency of morning and evening actions.. the list goes on. This comes from her experience and devotion to being the best coach for you. All to say, invest in yourself and find the fire inside with Sade Jones!

Testimonial by Sydni F.

Sade has altered my relationship with time. I HATE to admit when I am wrong, but I always give
credit where it is due.  Sade helped me to reassess how I was spending my time, evaluate what was true of importance to me, and helped me to regain control of my time in a way that felt manageable and customized to me. Sade helped me to get to a place where I feel confident about managing my time. I realize that I have enough time for myself, my work, my personal interests, and my goals. I also realized that you cannot accomplish everything in one fell swoop and learned how to set more realistic deadlines. Additionally, her framework works perfectly as I embark on my side hustle journey.

Testimonial by Ashley C.

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