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Ready to holistically transform your time management in 12 weeks?

It’s time to go from feeling stressed and unorganized to productive and achieving your goals.
Up to 80% of the average person’s working day is spent on activities with little or no value. Want to be a part of the 20% of productive people working on important tasks daily?

reclaim your time

Reclaim Your Time is a 12-week 1:1 coaching program designed to teach you how to plan your days like a highly effective person. You’ll learn how to make time to prioritize your passions, personal growth, relationships, and wellness. The entire program is customized to solve your specific time management needs for maximum results and profitability. The program is designed to end the constant rat race and teach you how to go about your days with flow and ease.

Ready to experience the biggest transformation in your daily routine and productivity that you’ve ever seen?

Who is this program for?

This coaching program is for highly ambitious full-time professionals who want to spend more time developing their side businesses, full-time entrepreneurs, and freelancers who feel overwhelmed and all over the place. Through this program, you’ll become organized, productive, and achieve your goals in a timely manner.

46% of stress reported amongst people in the US is caused by an overwhelming workload. 73% of people experience stress that affects their physical health. Reclaiming how your time and energy is spent will save your life.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to stop procrastinating and feeling overwhelmed and stressed every day. Instead, you’re ready to finally TACKLE your never-ending to-do list with ease.

You’ve read productivity books and watched countless YouTube videos, but you can’t find a daily schedule that consistently works for you.

You want to stop telling yourself you’ll do something then end up not doing it. You want to stop wasting time on social media and more time going after your wildest dreams. You want to start accomplishing what you set out to do daily, increase your CONFIDENCE and ENERGY your never-ending to-do list with ease.

You have a business idea or have started a business but can’t seem to find the time to make it GROW and actually monetize it.

You have days when you’re super motivated and then days when all you want to do is sleep. You desire to find a BALANCE so you can stop the burnout cycle in your life.

You say yes to things you really want to say no to, have trouble setting boundaries, and your self-discipline is a struggle. All you want is to develop CONSISTENT healthy habits, achieve your goals and you’re seeking a resource to help you do so.

program overview

What to Achieve

Here’s what we want you to achieve within the Reclaim Your Time Program…

LESS STRESS, PEACE OF MIND, & MORE TASKS COMPLETED Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what you’re going to accomplish throughout the day. The Reclaim Your Time Program will teach you time management strategies to help you set priorities, accomplish them and learn how to adapt your schedule when things happen that are out of your control.

Imagine no longer thinking to yourself, “what did I even do today?” This program will get you crystal clear on where your time is spent, aware of any mindset hurdles that are holding you back, and what habits need to be altered to achieve your goals.

Imagine cracking the code and finding a daily schedule that allows you to get your top tasks done, take breaks, eat 3 meals and have time for fun without having to push your bedtime. In this program, you’ll learn and test out different time management systems to determine which one best serves your lifestyle, overcome procrastination and instead increase your discipline. You will walk away with a winning time management system.

Imagine having someone supporting you, cheering you on, and ensuring that you achieve your benchmarks along the way? That’s our soul goal with the Reclaim Your Time Program. Many of us have grown accustomed to showing up for others much more than ourselves. We will help you show up more for yourself with our weekly check-ins and 24/7 text support. You’ll feel secure in knowing that you’ll be supported for the entire 12 weeks.

Imagine setting goals and actually achieving them in the time frame you set? Wouldn’t that feel fantastic?! Each week, you’ll complete assignments designed to help you achieve your goals, build resilience to avoid falling back into poor habits, get organized, focused, and feel accomplished. Ready to transform into your highest most productive self?

Imagine feeling content at the end of the day, reflecting on what you were able to get done with spare time to engage in hobbies you love but somehow haven’t been able to do in years? We understand that being your most productive self doesn’t come from hustling 24/7. It comes from finding work-life harmony. It’s working hard for parts of the day, prioritizing your mental, physical, and spiritual health, spending time with loved ones, and resting.

Imagine being able to focus on your passions, wellness, relationships and rest peacefully, knowing your time management systems allows you to be in control of your daily tasks.

This is what you’ll achieve within the Reclaim Your Time Program.



Real-Life Transformations

Here’s what our clients are saying

Are you ready to invest?

These ambitious people decided to invest in igniting the fire inside themselves through our coaching services. Read their testimonials and get excited about your success story as you do!

Find Harmony. Feel Empowered. Take Action.

Imani B.

I really feel like Sade has been holding my hand through this time management program and I’ve been been tackling goals, regaining myself & having hope for the future. I’ve never felt as powerful, bossed up, and in control of my life as I do now. Now, I take “simple” things more seriously because I understand that the “simple” things are what shapes my day. Without my morning routine, my day is in disarray. Without my night routine, my morning is disheveled. Sade helped me to hone in on how to pinpoint what’s most important to me and even reminded me of why it’s important and how to continue to hold it as the top priority when planning my schedule. I’m already planning to book her again because my life drastically improved in just 8 weeks with her help. I went from unemployed to working at an Ivy League university, from disorganized to time vigilant and from powerless to empowered.

Evonna M.

I enjoyed the Reclaim Your Time Program with Sade. She offered the structure and hand-holding that I need during a challenging time of transition when I felt all over the place. I appreciate her holding me accountable to my goals and offering extra support when I started to stray and met some challenges. I still use some of the time management methods I learned in the program and would absolutely recommend anyone in my network who is struggling with the challenges I had.

Erica R.

This program is an investment in yourself and your dreams. Building efficient time management skills bleed into every area of your life. Sade is an amazing coach. This program will expose your weak areas and Sade will assist in holding you accountable every step of the way. She is patient, personable, and wants to see you win! She offers great tips and platforms to excel in your goals. She helps you set SMART goals. Before this program, I felt like I was all over the place with my goals and she helped me create a system to allocate my time. I’m grateful for this program. I was able to supersede my goal with my baking side hustle and launch my own blog while maintaining my day job. I went from dragging my feet to get out of bed after 5 alarms to hopping out of bed to starting my day. Thank you, Sade, for everything!!!

Sharana C.

I’ve gotten so much better at balancing everything I want and need to do! I also don’t beat myself up as much when I don’t get something done, which I used to do a lot. The money you spend on the program is nothing compared to the amount of peace you’ll gain in your life after Sade helps you get organized! I was skeptical about the cost at first, but I’d do it all over again 100% if I knew I’d feel this clear-headed afterward.

Chris D.

I feel like my time management has gotten much more structured and my productivity has improved because I’m setting aside time every day for priorities. The best part of the program was having someone to keep you accountable and that was mental motivation to do things. The Reclaim Your Time program has changed the way I structure my days and how productive I can be. Within just 6 weeks I was able to turn around bad practices that I’ve been doing for years. I can officially say I have a side hustle because of this.

Emily B.

I have begun to be intentional with making lists every morning and throughout the day. I am more conscious of prioritizing certain things. In general, I’m way more aware of the number of hours in the day and what’s realistic to get through.I loved having Sade as a guide. Knowing she actually cared really helped keep me accountable to put in the work to actually change every week.

Luis S.

If you’re reading this it means you’ve found yourself on the fence about Sade’s coaching program and I’m here to tell you to have an open mind about it because obviously, this is important to you that’s why you’re here so go for it, I did and now I literally found the time and energyto make and run my own entertainment company which wasn’t my goal but I’m happy I did join the program and went for it.

Sydni f.

Working with Sade Jones was the Best 2-Months of my life. As a rising entrepreneur, I questioned every action or plan I made because it didn’t seem perfect which resulted in me giving up on my goals. Sade stepped in and altered my whole mindset. She demonstrated effective ways to make time work for you and a different perspective of communication – the questions you ask, the patience you grant yourself, the consistency of morning and evening actions…the list goes on. This comes from her experience and devotion to being the best coach for you. All to say, invest in yourself and find the fire inside with Sade Jones!

Ashley c.

Sade has Altered my relationship with time. I HATE to admit when I am wrong, but I always give credit where it is due. Sade helped me to reassess how I was spending my time, evaluate what was true of importance to me, and helped me to regain control of my time in a way that felt manageable and customized to me. Sade helped me to get to a place where I feel confident about managing my time. I realize that I have enough time for myself, my work, my personal interest, and my goals. I also realized that you cannot accomplish everything in one fell swoop and learned to set more realistic deadlines. Additionally, her framework works perfectly as I embark on my side hustle journey.

Ready to invest in yourself?

What’s included in the program:

The Reclaim Your Time program will transform your relationship with time, systems, and productivity. You’ll learn the essential skills you need to accomplish your goals and live life intentionally.

You’ll receive

12 weekly 1:1 virtual coaching calls (60 minutes) that help you put your plans into action, encourage you, and keep you accountable to your goals

Personalized welcome kit and weekly feedback/goal check-ins

Custom call recaps and recordings that document your learnings, progress, and plan for the upcoming week

A comprehensive overview of your current life and work systems

Weekly video lessons, assignments in between sessions that include worksheets, activities, and other action steps that will transform you into your most productive self

24/7 coaching support via text or email

meet your instructor

I’m Sade Jones



Hey, I’m Sade, CEO of The Fire Inside!

I’m a Time Management Coach originally from New York City but resides in Atlanta with my fiancé. I’m a former advertising professional who left the corporate life to become a full-time Time Management Coach and Content Creator. I help ambitious people manage their time more efficiently, so they can pursue and monetize their passions and prioritize their wellness and personal development. Our mission at The Fire Inside is to empower others to find time to pursue what sets their soul on fire.

Through my journey of launching multiple side hustles including a blog, influencing, selling e-commerce products, and coaching while working a full-time demanding job, I’ve become an expert in time management. I’ve been able to develop a signature productivity process that helps highly ambitious people learn how to juggle it all with less stress and overwhelm and more confidence and accomplishments. I’ve intentionally designed a life I love—I can help you design yours too.



your questions


Will I Have Time?

“I’m already strapped for time. Will I have time to do this program?

YES! This program is designed to complement tasks you regularly have to accomplish. The assignments will not take you more than a couple of hours a week to complete and they will help you accomplish more of what you want to spend your time doing.

How Do I Know?

If you’re constantly burnt out, overwhelmed, and not satisfied with the time frame it takes you to accomplish tasks. You’re tired of being late or behind and ready to be organized, focused, and productive without having to work all the time.

When Can I Start?

The next round of the program begins July 12th. Before then join the waitlist to get alerted first when slots for the July program open here. We will discuss your unique time management situation and come up with a plan of action for you.

Ready for a big return on your investment?

Join the waitlist to get alerted first when slots for the july program open.

“Your time is one asset you can’t get back. It’s time to start maximizing it.”

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