We are what we consistently do. “Consistently” is the most important word in that sentence. Take a second and think about some things you repeatedly do that you’re most proud of. Next, think about some things you repeatedly do that you’re not so proud of.

Your habits shape your life. Our life is created by a series of actions. The habits we develop are vital to our success. Some habits are learned from young, others are developed over time. All of them are chosen and can be improved. Not being satisfied with your life doesn’t make you lazy or unmotivated. Many of us are a product of our environment. When we seek better, we can choose to do better. Here are toxic habits to avoid from here on out if you desire to achieve success in your life:

1. Hitting the snooze button

Stop hitting the snooze button!! Think about it. The night before you set a goal to wake up at a certain time. Then first thing in the morning, you stop yourself from achieving that goal. That lowers your confidence in yourself and the feeling trickles’ down to the rest of your day. When you set a deadline, stick to it. I know it may sound trivial, but when you snooze your alarm especially in the morning, you’re reinforcing the idea that you don’t abide by deadlines. You’re telling yourself that it’s okay not to achieve your goals. Are you the type of person who sets goals but doesn’t follow through on them? If you need more sleep, set your alarm to a realistic time, not the time society tells you to have to wake up. I’m not a fan of the wake up at 5am club. What’s most important to me is maximizing my productivity in the hours I’m awake regardless of what time I’m up.

2. Waking up like an accident

Stop waking up rushing to achieve someone else’s agenda. Waking up without intentions for the day is waking up like an accident. It is VERY important to plan your day ahead of time. A well thought out plan and morning routine ALWAYS leads to a productive day. Any day that doesn’t feel productive is usually because your day wasn’t planned ahead of time, or something happened and you didn’t adjust your plan as needed. Determine what makes you feel bold and unstoppable and incorporate that into your morning routine. For me, it’s listening to Evan Carmichael’s Nespresso motivational videos every morning. Stop doing things on another person’s time table and take control of your day. If you don’t even know where to start when it comes to effectively planning a productive day, book a free strategy call with me. I am a time management coach and I can help you make achieve your dreams.

3. Blaming and complaining

We can all admit that blaming and complaining feels good. It’s releasing the stress off of us and allows us to not have to take any responsibility for our actions. The problem with it is the negative mindset you’re perpetuating. Instead of blaming and complaining, self-reflect, and come up with positive solutions. Be the problem-solver who takes action and seeks better. Complaining and blaming won’t solve your problems so stop doing it, catch yourself when you’re doing it, and don’t let others influence you to do so. I struggle with complaining but I remind myself that it’s a journey. Self-awareness is the first step then you can work on taking action to stop. If you really want accountability, ask five of your closest friends/family to call you out when you complain.

4. Not giving your all

The secret to getting ahead is doing your current job well. Even when you’re unhappy with your current environment, do your best. I’m learning to live each day like it is the most valuable day of my life. When you do that you feel more fulfilled. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so it’s important to treasure the present moment and do your best as often as possible. Don’t let the fear of letting yourself or others down stop you from genuinely trying your best. Affirm it, repeat to yourself “I am (insert your name) and I do the best I can at everything I do.”

5. Looking for noes instead of yeses

Stop looking for reasons why it won’t work out and look for reasons why it will. If you say, “I can’t do this or that,” then your mind will believe it and stop thinking of how to make it work. But if you ask yourself “how can I do this?” then you will think of ways to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Change is inevitable, mistakes are going to happen, and there will be difficult days. Don’t let these moments defeat you. One thing that’s helped me switch my mindset when I catch myself frustrated and focused solely on the negative, is identifying one good thing in the situation. I also enjoy reminding myself of the tough situations I’ve overcome. If I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

6. Self-sabotaging

Who else is their harshest critic like me? As a recovering perfectionist, I am super critical of myself. In one sense it’s great because I expect the best from myself, but when I’m not good at something as quickly as I thought I would be, I struggle!! I get overwhelmed and start saying all these negative things about myself. Even worse, I rationalize all the reasons as if they’re facts when they’re definitely not. Remind yourself to speak to yourself like you would someone you love. Don’t let the fear of failure, stifle you. Embrace the fear, be bold, and take things one moment at a time. Would you rather fail or not know what could have happened?

7. Trying to do everything yourself

We all need a community. Having supportive people around you doing similar things is the best! When you’re accountable to someone else you’re much more likely to follow through. Having someone to talk about your goals with is so much fun. You can laugh about mistakes, celebrate successes, and share ideas. If you’re serious about improving your habits, get vulnerable, and share it with others so you can grow together.