Last year I started the tradition of doing a question and answer post for my birthday week blog. It’s a nice way for me to reflect, share my insights, and closeout my year. I picked the five best questions and I’ll be sharing my insights below.

1. How do you define being successful?

I believe success is achieving the goals you set out for yourself. When you have very specific goals and you achieve them it’s the ultimate success. There is no “one size fits all” for success. Success looks different to everyone. A lot of people question their success because they haven’t defined what success is for them.

I let society define what my success looked like for way too long. Now that I define my own success, my perspective on life is completely different. My idea of success for my life drives me to work hard, keep thriving, and always pursue my vision.

2. What goals do you want to accomplish this next year of life?

I have some amazing specific goals I’m not going to share publicly just yet. However, my main goal is to grow my time management coaching business to six figures next year. I also hope to enhance my brand, connect with new people, acquire more partnerships, and keep improving my mental and physical health.

3. How do you deal with anxiety?

The first step for dealing with my anxiety was realizing that I had anxiety. Seeing a therapist helped me realize what I thought was “crying fits” my whole life were actually panic attacks. After I discovered that I had anxiety, I thought therapy would make it go away. Boy was I wrong; anxiety is just a part of my personality. It’s something that keeps me safe and when managed well, isn’t too bad.

Therapy has immensely helped me develop coping mechanisms. My number one coping mechanism is deep breathing and questioning my thoughts. I love to ask myself whether I have evidence to support how I’m feeling or am I just creating a story in my head. That question centers me and reminds me to stay present. I also have a blog post on 10 Ways To Alleviate Anxiety and I discuss going after your scary dreams and dealing with anxiety on The Anxiety Reset podcast.

4. Would you rather be a police detective or an FBI agent?

I’d rather be an FBI agent. They make more money and it’s highly competitive. I love healthy competition. Also based on TV shows, it seems like a cool job. I probably wouldn’t last in that profession though because I’m an emotional open book who doesn’t like being told what to do. Would I act in a TV show as an FBI agent? Definitely! 

My mom and I used to watch CSI all the time growing up. Anybody else love CSI since they were 7 and basically watched all the seasons? We watched it so much that I thought I wanted to do something in criminal justice. Later I realized that I really just had an interest in storytelling and acting.

5. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

If I wasn’t afraid, I’d leave my 9 to 5, go full-time as an entrepreneur, and move out of NYC. I decided to do all three of those things this month because I refuse to let my fear stop me in my 27th year. I believe that too many people are living a small life because they’re afraid of what will happen next or they doubt their abilities. Life is so precious. We’re only here once and for a certain amount of years.

No day is promised to us so why let fear stop you from acting. Each of us has a fire inside just waiting to be unleashed. It’s up to you to ignite your fire. I greatly enjoy helping ambitious people pursue their passions and navigate their wellness and personal development. I seek to inspire people every day to ignite the fire inside them so they can live the life they deserve through my content creation and coaching services.