I believe that everyone can benefit from personal development. My personal development journey has been the most enlightening thing that has ever happened to me. It’s extremely important to seek a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose. Many people become adults, realize they no longer are being guided in life, and don’t do much to actively better themselves.

I considered myself fairly self-aware and confident growing up. However, after I graduated from college, I realized I was dealing with imposter syndrome and was pretty depressed. Most of my life was spent doing and living the way I thought people assumed I should. Meanwhile, I was secretly doubting it all. Then, one day I picked up a bright yellow book called “You Are A Badass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” in Barnes & Noble. I thought to myself this is exactly what I want to work on. Next, I looked at the price of the book and questioned if this book was really going to do anything. I said to myself “it’s probably boring.” Then I read a couple of pages, got hooked, and raced to the checkout line. 

That one self-help book led to several other books, videos, webinars, starting my blog, multiple businesses, and hosting networking events. You never know where your personal development journey will take you. However, for some, it doesn’t go so well in the beginning. Here are three reasons why:

1. You’re passively learning but not applying your knowledge

Some people will read a book, skip over the journaling exercises, and expect to be “fixed.” Knowledge without application is knowing better but not choosing to do better. Therefore if you find yourself investing in personal development but performing the same habits you don’t like, then it’s time to do things differently. Two crucial ways to apply what you learn is by taking notes and brainstorming ways to implement your new knowledge into your life. Also, revisiting books as much as you need helps.

I’ve read books twice to make sure I’d learned the principles enough to be able to apply them. Remember being uncomfortable leads to the best breakthroughs in your life. When you’re too comfortable with where you are in life, you won’t seek change. No one likes feeling uncomfortable, but it’s a major part of improving your performance, creativity, and learning.

2. You expect results super quick 

Your personal development journey is a journey. Not a destination, be patient. I’ve read countless books on confidence and overcoming self-doubt. I picked up the book that started my personal development because of self-doubt. Yet, my doubt hasn’t magically disappeared. And it won’t ever disappear. Although, I have gotten much better at dealing with it and don’t allow it to stop me from doing scary things. One of my favorite mantras is “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Many people approach their personal development journey or even therapy thinking they will one day be “fixed” or feel “perfect.” That’s never going to happen and honestly, that would be really boring. Your flaws are what make you unique and they are some of the most relatable parts of you. 

Stop seeking fast results and start opening your mind. Invest in educating yourself on how to live a more fulfilling life. You will greatly improve over time. When I started opening myself to things and embracing all that I was learning, I attracted new opportunities. One of the biggest changes was my mindset. My ability to reframe my negative thoughts is a lifesaver. So, stop chasing a destination and instead be grateful for the long beautiful journey. 

3. You believe personal development is all about you 

The purpose of personal development is about what you can contribute to society. Personal development begins with improving yourself. Once you’ve learned life-changing aspects about yourself and how to become better, naturally you’ll want to share that with people you care about. As you become the best version of yourself through constant improvement, you will make a positive impact on others.

As you start to do things you’d never imagined you would, you’ll inspire others to do the same. That’s where the best contributions to society and innovations flourish. Everyone just needs that one encouraging person in their life to live to their full potential. When you’re investing in your personal development, remember that your life is bigger than you. You are meant to serve. If you actively work on yourself, imagine how your success will affect generations to come. 

I’m counting on you! If you’ve given up on your personal development journey, I encourage you to start again with a new abundant mindset.