Starting a business is pretty scary especially when you have no idea on where to start or what to do. There are a lot of successful business owners out there who aren’t even willing to share the smallest details of how they got to where they are today.

It’s not easy when it comes to starting a new business. You’re going to go through a bunch of trials and errors… and to be quite honest, that’s OKAY!

Every business has to go through a lot before you learn how to handle things.

I want to share with you a few things that you need to know when it comes to starting a business.


Business plans are vital to any business. They help you clarify which direction your business will be going in. This also keeps your business flowing. You can’t go into a building a brand without your business plan. Once you write everything down, your vision will soon become clear.


 Figure out what you want to sell whether it be a physical or digital product. See the thing that new business owners mess up on is working hard to launch their brand, but they never put too much into their products. This is why a lot of new businesses always seem to fail. Your product is EVERYTHING. To ensure that your business has a chance, you need to make sure you’re producing a high-quality product. This just helps to keep your customers coming back or being recommended to potential customers.


Now you may not think you need one of these, but YOU DO. Planners are key to helping you get your business running smoothly as far as operation goes. You can keep track of your expenses and what things you need to invest in.


Try to learn as much as possible. You can read books, watch YouTube videos, or reach out to other business owners. You have to be very open to learning because not everyone can do it completely on their own and that is okay. Learning helps you prepare for anything that you’re going to endure with your business. You may not know how to set up your site… well there is a lot of YouTube videos that visually show you how to set up your own site. There isn’t anything wrong with admitting you don’t know something and choosing to put in the work to find the answers you seek. You’ll be surprised how much information you can find online or by reaching out and asking others.


You may be thinking “what does blogging have to do with having a business?” Having a blog section within your site can really help bring customers in. For example, if you’re selling baby products, some of your blog posts can be about teaching new mothers on how to care for their child. This just helps readers connect more with you and your business which can potentially turn them into a customer. Write some helpful blogs posts, it really makes people want to spend their money.


You ever wonder how the market is so saturated with people selling the same products but they’re all successful at selling them. It’s not about people having “low prices”, it’s all about how they market their products. Learning how to market is going to help you bring in recurring customers and money. A good marketing strategy will put you right where you need to be with your business.


Don’t be afraid to use innovative technology or the internet when it comes to your business. This is something that’s vital in this day and age. If your business isn’t using efficient technology or leveraging online mediums, then you will stunt it’s growth. People expect to connect with brands on a personal level on and off line.


Your domain name is important so please choose it wisely. Yes you can always change the name but it will cost you and sometimes may even confuse your consumers. Make sure to register/purchase your domain name and hosting, especially if you’re trying to be around for a long time. Also, make sure to trademark your name and legalize your business, whether that means establishing an LLC, Corporation etc.


Opening a business bank account helps monitor how much money is coming in and going out of your business. This also helps separate it from your personal account. Plus, it’s great for tax purposes.


There are a million stories out there about how someone didn’t start or make a change within their business because of fear. Fear gets you nowhere! Being afraid can stop you from making decisions that are good for your business, however, you never know if you don’t try.

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About the author:

Zakia Chanell is a 21-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger who shares resourceful tips and tricks to help millennial women get themselves together on her blog She is a Chicagoan who loves to shop, write, and read. If you don’t catch her doing any of that, she’s posted in her bed binge watching Grey’s Anatomy.