If you follow me on Instagram (@glamoroussade) you know that I love to travel and go out to eat. It may look like I have so much money but believe me I don’t yet. I just make it my mission to budget accordingly and use as many methods as I can to save money. Saving money and holding yourself accountable for your financial situation is a MAJOR COMPONENT for your overall health. With these gems below, you’ll learn methods that you can implement in your life to reduce stress mentally and in your pockets.

1. Look For Travel Deals 
I recently went to Mexico to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. We were fortunate to find an amazing rate because of a deal I found on Cheap Caribbean. This deal was specifically for May and June travel to Mexico. When looking for travel, aim to find deals and be open to exploring new places. I typically pick a region and look for deals in that vicinity. For travel within the USA, I aim to book at least 6 weeks in advance unless it’s a quick weekend trip. For international travel I aim to book 3-4 months in advance. Plan early, last minute trips typically won’t save you money. Airfarewatchdog, Scott’s Cheap Flights, Skyscanner, and Expedia are a couple of my favorite sites to use.

2. Share Meals
Unless you’re one of those people who aim to bring leftovers home, aim to share a plate or multiple plates. I recommend sharing your meals and buying a pitcher to split, instead of purchasing multiple singular things. This will help you control your potions and save money. Also, it’ll make splitting the bill much easier.

3. Strategize Your Wardrobe
You don’t need to buy ten new bathing suits because you already posted a picture on social media. Mix and match or just re-wear it and get creative with your picture. If you’re in desperate need for some new clothes, try swapping some stuff with your best friends or siblings. Or buy one new item and pair it with things in your closet. Also, remember people aren’t going to remember everything you’ve ever worn like you remember.

4. Attend Free Summer Events
If you live in a big city there will be endless free events all summer. If there’s an event you really want to go to that’s expensive, try to volunteer for the event or network with the event holders. For instance, AfroPunk Fest lets you volunteer and earn a free ticket. Look on sites like Eventbrite, Fever, Meetup, Groupon and Facebook to find free and discounted events. If all else fails, meet up with friends and do something free. Have a picnic in the park, go to a free swimming pool, lie on the beach, have a movie/game night, hangout at your friend’s beach house etc.

5. Just Say NO
I like to ask myself two things before I attend any event: 1. What’s the benefit of me going? 2. Is this an effective use of my time? If I can’t positively answer those two questions, I don’t go. Simple as that! Your time is valuable so treat it that way

6. Purchase Joint Gifts
There’s a lot of birthdays during the summer. Probably because the holiday time is nine months before. Save money on gifts for your friends/family by joining together to buy one gift. This way you can buy a more valuable gift and save money on your end. I guarantee your friends/family will opt in to splurge on a gift together, instead of buying a bunch of singular gifts.

7. Pregame Before You Go Out
Pregame or BYOB (bring your own bottle). Alcoholic drinks in NYC can be very expensive and add up quickly, even if you’re there during Happy Hour. Save some coins by drinking before you go or bringing a bottle with you to share with friends. Here’s a link to some of the top BYOB restaurants in NYC, I’ve actually been to a couple of them and recommend trying places on this list: https://www.thrillist.com/drink/new-york/byob-restaurants-in-nyc


What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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