When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at end up changing. After a weekend of venting to loved ones, working out to relieve my anxiety, and vigorous goal setting, I’m now starting to feel at ease. I’m beginning to focus on the right things. I was feeling apprehensive about changes in my life and trying to control things that were out of my control. I am now focusing on what I can control. Such as my response to life events and my attitude about my current situation. I’m a Type A personality with a bit of a rigid planning gift and/or problem, so the unknown is hella scary to me. However, I am getting much better at adapting and going with the flow. Thanks to my boyfriend and his carefree ways. I’m writing about embracing changes this week to motivate you all to make this shift in your mind with me. As I embark on this journey of conquering new challenges, and learning to make the necessary alterations to make the best decisions for my life.

Change is inevitable and we all know it’s going to happen.

Yet many of us fear it because our comfort zone seems easier and more natural. Many of us (myself included) naturally want to repel when you see change about to happen. We all suffer from doubt and uncertainty. It’s important to be self-aware and to push yourself to do things you’re fearful of. On a daily basis, I work on reframing the thought that tells me that I’m going to fail, I’m wasting my time, I’m not smart enough etc. Remember that you are always enough.

For me, it seems like change happens right when I’m getting the hang of things. Like at a new job, when you finally mastered the process or the software and they go and change it for more “efficiencies,” and then you’re back to square one. It’s frustrating at first. But in the long run you’re beyond grateful for the change. Change is typically a sign that there’s an upgrade that’s out there just waiting for you to capitalize on. The more you avoid this growth, the more it kicks you to the ground. Change is always going to win the battle, so start embracing it.


Despite how happy we feel in our current situation, nothing stays the same for long. The only thing constant is change! Our environment is growing, expanding, and aging everyday. It’s vital to really ask yourself “Why do you fear change?, What are you really fearful of?” A lot of times, when you ponder on the topic, you’ll realize that you’re freaking yourself out and that you’ve overcome bigger hurdles in your life, or that this change will help lead you closer to your dreams. Too many people have goals and dreams that they give up on because it feels to tough to handle. When actuality getting through the tough stage is the most vital part of the journey.

If everyone changed their mindset in order to make it through the tough process, there’d be a lot more people living out their dreams.

I listen to a ton of entrepreneurs and inspirational videos on a daily basis. They help me get through the day. A common theme that they all speak on is working harder, smarter, and longer hours than others. I agree that it sounds grueling and overwhelming but it raises an exemplary point. You won’t see improvements aka changes in your life and your situation if you keep working at the same limit daily. That doesn’t mean don’t ever take a break, it means take less breaks. It means don’t expect a better outcome if you’re not changing your behavior.

IMG_3912.JPGWhen doors close and things come crashing down, don’t let sorrow overcome you. Embrace the experience and pinpoint ways to flourish from it. Remember that life will align the way it’s supposed too.

Here’s 5 Tips to Help You Embrace Change Like a Champion:

  1. Move forward in your life even when it feels painful to do so.
  2. Don’t compare the future to the past. Resist this and you’ll get better at not worrying so much about uncertainty. Think about negative events in terms of facts instead of emotions.
  3. Write down what an ideal life would be like for yourself. Then jot down some changes that would need to happen for you to achieve your ideal life.
  4. Try recognizing the feeling of uncertainty as excitement about a new possibility or anticipation of something great on its way. Scientists say that we feel almost identical emotions when we were nervous as we do when we’re excited.
  5. Accept change. Focus on bringing more calmness and courage into your life.