Edge Naturale is one of my favorite hair growth brands. I’ve been using their Follicle Enhancer for almost a year and I’ve experienced the growth in not only my edges but my hair overall. If you want to learn more about that and see some before and after pictures, click here. Since I’ve seen such great results with the Follicle Enhancer, I decided to try the hair vitamins.

There are so many hair vitamins on the market that it makes it difficult to choose which one to try. Most of the ones I’ve seen are solely full of biotin, which is a B vitamin that is associated with growing hair and nails. What I liked about the Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins is that they were full of other daily important vitamins, not just biotin. These vitamins are plant-based, cruelty-free, include a formula with 28 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and enhanced with Biotin and Selenium.

Who doesn’t desire healthy consistent hair growth? Especially if you’re someone who wears hair extensions often like me, you’re going to love these vitamins. I’ve been self-conscious of my edges since I was little. I remember avoiding styles that show that part of my hair because I didn’t have sleek, thick baby hairs. Now that I’m older, I’m experimenting a lot more with hairstyles and natural products. So far, I noticed that my hair is thicker, stronger, and has grown a lot. I went natural for the second time in June 2019 and it’s only 2 years later, and my hair has grown much more than it did the first time I went natural. Look at the growth in just 8 months’ time below!

August 2020

April 2021

I highly recommend Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins. All-natural ingredients, hair growth and it’s a black-owned business. What else could a girl ask for!! I just finished my last bottle and I’m ready to buy my next one!