After the wild ride that 2020 has been, I’m sure many of us agree that in 2021 we want more organization and peace of mind. There’s nothing like resetting for the new year with hundreds of blank pages waiting to be filled with exciting plans, important dates, and other things you’re looking forward to. I’ve curated a list of planners that I love and that my time management coaching clients have seen results using as well. For each planner that sparks your interest, make sure to check out their page for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Many of these planners are on sale, so make sure to capitalize on their holiday deals and start planning before next year begins! Remember planning is the only way to excel at managing how your time is spent.

1. The BossBabe Planner

Price: The single planner is $49.99 & the annual planner set is $170 (this is the option I went with)

This is my favorite planner! I use mine every day. Throughout the 90 day planner, you’ll find exercises and prompts to help you work toward your big goals with strategy, intention, and ease. What I love most is it breaks your year into quarters, hence each planner is for each quarter. There’s a space to set quarterly goals, reflect on each month prior, set your monthly goals, set your weekly goals, and set your daily tasks to achieve your goals. I love how granular it gets. On each daily page, there’s an empowering quote, a space to share what you’re grateful for, determine your top 3 goals, write your to-dos, and fill in your schedule from 6am-10pm. It also comes undated, so you can fill in the days as needed. Also once you buy your planner, you join the community of other BossBabes who’ve invested in the planner.

2. The Happiness Planner

Price: $59

I have clients who have raved about this planner. The mission of this planner is to design beautiful inspirational personal development tools that help you find more happiness and fulfillment in life. This is a wonderful planner for people looking to not only plan and manage their schedules & to-do lists, but also engage in exercises that will help them gain a better understanding of themselves, spot limits in their beliefs, and create a plan to reverse their patterns to attract better things in their life. It features sections such as a monthly calendar, monthly goal setting, daily quotes, daily morning intention settings, daily sleep, health, and stress tracker,  as well as daily gratitude & reflections.

3. The Passion Planner

Price: $26.25

This is another planner that I’ve heard people rave about. They offer physical and digital planners. It allows you to map out your goals and the tasks needed to complete them graphically. If you’re someone who likes creating charts and is very visual, you’ll love this planner. If I didn’t already invest in the year’s set of BossBabe planners, this would be the planner I would try next. It offers a monthly view and weekly glance that is specific to the different time frames of the day. You can set your wealthy focus, share good things that have happened this week, separate your personal from business goals, and even track how much water you drink. Additionally, there’s a section for monthly reflection. On their site, they also provide a free downloadable PDF if you want to test out the planner before you purchase.

4. Vine & Branch Co. Planner Notebook

Price: $19.95

This is a  Black-owned company that provides personal development planner notebooks. I personally know the owner and her product is amazing. She started this business as a college senior! With this planner, you can keep yourself on track toward achieving your goals while prioritizing purpose, productivity, and growth. There’s also a section to reflect on your accomplishments each month. Each weekly section has space to record tasks and goals, a weekly objective, as well as a quote of the week for encouragement. This is the planner for the person looking to start living more intentionally.

5. Legend Planner 

Price: $24.95

One of my favorite YouTubers, Camille Collazo recommended this planner. This productivity planner provides a yearly view, monthly view, a section for your weekly goals, work and person to-do’s, plans for the week, and weekly reflection. There are also spaces for outlining your dreams, goals, self-discovery, habit tracking, and blank sheets for doodling.

6. The Life Map Weekly Planner

Price: $35.00

This planner company is owned by another one of my favorite YouTubers, Muchelle B. This quarterly planner includes a simple goal getting system that works. It’s a wonderful tool that will help you accomplish your goals, create time and energy, and take daily action. There are guides for life planning, reflection, monthly reviews and planning, weekly reviews, habit trackers, daily mindset, gratitude, wins and time blocking sections. When you purchase this planner, you also receive an audio guide to walk you through the planner and free access to The Life Map Facebook community.

7. Lavish Life Academic Planner

Price: $45.00

This planner is sold by a Black-owned company. The Lavish Planner is the perfect planner for all the students out there who want to set themselves up for academic success. There’s a section for each semester, project planning, daily to-do’s, monthly affirmations, habit tracking, as well as budget and expense sheets for each month. She also sells a customizable business planner in PDF form that will help you stay organized, focused, and in charge of your business right from the start.

8. Day Designer 2021 Planner

Price: $54.00

This planner is a wonderful time management tool that includes goal setting worksheets, an annual overview, and monthly calendars. It comes with a bunch of gold stickers (for all my sticker lovers) and a ruler. There are detailed instructions on how to effectively use the planner’s goal-setting exercises and set up your time management system. There’s also a section to keep track of all holidays and birthdays. Additionally, there’s a space for hourly scheduling, daily gratitude, due dates, expenses, meal planning, and urgent tasks.

With all these options for planners, you’re bound to have a wonderful year! Cheers to a hopeful 2021!