Traveling is one of my favorite activities to do in my past time. I just booked a family cruise and a girls trip to Greece for 2020 thus far! I’ve found that flight prices for international trips are best priced 5-6 months ahead while domestic flights are best 6 weeks ahead. The beginning of the year is a great time to start planning some trips. In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 travel trends I’m excited about for 2020.

1. Ancestry travel

Since home DNA tests such as Ancestry DNA and  23andMe are becoming very popular, people are looking to travel to where their ancestors came from. According to a MIT Technology Review report, 26 million people have taken an ancestry DNA test at home, meanwhile my boyfriends test has been collecting dust for the past three months lol. Even more interesting, Airbnb recently partnered up with 23andMe to help encourage travelers to go in search of their roots. A wise business move for both companies but also a trend I approve of. My Ancestry DNA test consisted of about 10 different countries. One of them was England which made visiting England so much more special.

2. Solo travel

If you’ve not gone on trips because you didn’t have people to go with, don’t be scared to go alone. Solo travel is continuing to rise. It may seem like a millennial thing to do but we’re actually not the largest population for this trend. The largest growing population of solo travelers are women over 55. Yes ladies! These women tend to have grown children and lot more money and time on their hands to travel. Solo travel is no longer just for the lonely backpacker, it has shifted to a self-development adventure to unplug, recharge and embark on new discoveries.

3. Hipster cruises 

Most people either like cruises or they don’t. I personally enjoy cruises for family vacations while for a couple or friend getaway I probably wouldn’t opt for one. Cruise lines are aware of that trend and are now creating cruise experiences catered to millennials and generation z. Richard Branson’s new Virgin Voyages cruise boat debuting this year will include Tom Dixon-designed interiors, a tattoo shop, karaoke, an open-air gym, 20 individual restaurants at no extra charge with vegan options, as well as bars serving craft beer & CBD infused cocktails.

4. More eco-friendly slow travel

Travel has harmful effects on climate change. Air travel is responsible for nearly 3% of all global carbon emissions.  This is expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% per year. More conscious travelers are choosing eco-friendly options to reduce their CO2 emissions such as biking, walking or taking an e-Scooter for short distances. When it comes to traveling long distance, some are opting for a train instead of flying in between cities. However, emission-free flying is also in the making. Rolls Royce, Easyjet in partnership with Wright Electric, Airbus and Israel’s Eviation are all working on electric planes set to take flight in the next 2 years. Besides your method of travel, there are various ays while traveling to limit your carbon footprint such as reusing towels, packing light, avoiding long showers, using reusable items like the Finesse Fitness water bottle, or dining at local restaurants.

5. Going communication free on vacation

People are becoming very interested in traveling to off the beaten path places as well as unplugging from the world while on vacation.  According to a survey, 68% of millennial women are seeking a trip where they can temporarily disconnect from all forms of communication. This is great for your mental health and overall well being. We all should unplug from time to time and be more present and mindful. People are also interested in visiting less traditionally popular places such as Armenia, Finland and Georgia (the country, not the state) to name a few.

Lastly, according to Airbnb the following countries will be trending in 2020 including Japan, Kenya, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, and Romania.

Happy traveling!