My love for traveling and exploring new cultures started when I was a child. My aunt and uncle would take me with them on trips every year. Since my mom was busy working and trying to provide as a single mom with 5 kids, I spent a lot of time with my aunt and uncle especially during school breaks. My aunt was a school teacher so our schedules always aligned in terms of vacation time. My uncle had his own real estate business so his schedule was super flexible. Which meant I traveled to various different countries, explored new cultures, foods and went on many adventures. I often joke with people that I was the kid who dreamt of “being normal” and going to summer camp every summer, but ended up traveling to different countries the entire time.

Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate my summers of travel so much more! The travel bug has never left me and I’ve learned plenty of tips along the way. I’ve been to 28 countries thus far spanning across North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In this blog post, I’m providing my favorite apps that make traveling easier!

I will also note that I have an international data plan through my phone subscriber T-Mobile, it was included in my plan with no additional charge. If you travel often, I highly recommend investing in an international data plan, it will make traveling much easier. This post will provide you with the best travel apps for use on your trip. Check out this post for tips on planning your trip.

1. Google Translate

This app provides over 100 different language translations. You don’t have to worry about translating menu items or street signs anymore. It allows you to listen to translations and translate via dictation. You can also download languages ahead of time just in case your internet is acting up. I have used this app to communicate with waiters and new friends I’ve met in bars around the world.

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2. City Mapper

This is the best app for traveling on public transportation in big cities. It connects you with ride-sharing services and shows you the fastest route to any destination. I used this app in a recent trip to Paris, Barcelona, and Amsterdam and it was more helpful and accurate than Google Maps. You can save travel itineraries ahead of time and subscribe to certain train or bus lines while traveling. That way you can use the app offline without worrying about getting lost. Heck, I use this app in NYC daily to track which train will provide the fastest route.

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This is an offline map that allows you to download maps of cities you’ll be visiting. You can preload the maps to your phone so you always have access to your location and local resources. Local resources on the app  include hotels, groceries, gas, parking, nightlife, shops, transportation, banking, food, hospitals, entertainment, and sights.

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4. My Currency Converter & Rates

When traveling to a place with a different currency than yours, you need to have an easy way to figure out the currency conversion. This app will make purchasing decisions much easier. You don’t have to do any math in your head,  just plug it in to the app and enjoy your trip.

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5. TripAdvisor

I love this app for finding the best restaurants and excursions around the world. It has over 700 million reviews of 8 million destinations including hotels, restaurants, museums, and many other local attractions.

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6. Trabee Pocket

This app is for the conscious travel who seeks to make their budget stretch. TrabeePocket can help you keep track of travel expenses easy and simple. You can see how much money  you’ve spent & have available.

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7. TripIt  

This is the best travel itinerary app. This app keeps track of your travel itineraries, boarding passes, and frequent-flier programs all in one place so you don’t have to sift through multiple emails. This app is super helpful for people like me who like to explore multiple cities during one trip as it organizes information for multiple flights and hotels.

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Happy traveling! Feel free to email, DM or leave me a comment if you need any help with your next trip.