Traveling used to be a stress free experience. Now you have to navigate security, baggage limits, and 3.4-ounce liquid restrictions. Thus, it takes a lot more effort to maneuver your travel itinerary. I’ve been to 28 countries and over my many trips I’ve learned many do’s and don’ts regarding traveling.

To provide you all with the best essentials, I’ve teamed up with Raeah Bromfield, a digital travel nomad that I met online. In 2018 she left home on a gap year in the middle of university. She backpacked through the USA and lived in France for 2 months, living with locals doing couch surfing and work exchanges in different parts of each country. This year she’s decided to work and travel for a few months around SE Asia while learning the ins and outs of being a digital nomad.

Here are our 10 essential items that will make your life easier while traveling.

1. Reusable water bottle
Conscious consumerism is so important in 2019, with an increase in tourism, plastic water bottles have an extremely negative effect on the environment therefore; reusable water bottles are an essential for any trip!

They’ll also save you some money on buying water.

2. Packing cubes

Finding stuff in your luggage can be such a hassle, but with packing cubes you’ll no longer struggle to organize your stuff.


This is an offline map that allows you to download maps of cities you’ll be visiting.

4. Journal

Journaling your experiences while traveling will not only give you something to look back at, but it also gives you something to do when you need to kill time while on a plane or a long bus ride.

5. Portable charger

When you use your phone a lot for maps and taking photos during the day, the battery is more prone to dying. You can avoid this by packing a portable charger and carrying it with you when you go out.

6. Two pairs of headphones

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten on a plane and realized I only had my Bluetooth headphones. Make sure to also bring headphones with a port that can fit into the planes port. Just in case you want to enjoy any of the flight entertainment.

7. Neck pillow 

I bought this amazing neck pillow that makes sleeping on the plane in any seat more comfortable. Unless you have the luxury of a lay-flat seat, invest in a solid neck pillow especially for long trips. Sleeping on the plane is an awesome advantage, so when you land you’re ready to hit the town.

8. Compression socks 

On a 22-hour flight to Thailand, I landed and my ankles looked like two bowling balls. Airplanes are a one-stop shop for aching muscles—sitting with your legs at a 90-degree angle for hours will do this to you. To avoid swelling from lack of blood flow, I purchased compression socks to boost circulation and avoid swollen feet.

9. Over the shoulder bag or a fanny pack

In addition to my carry-on bag, I like to have an easy accessible bag for my passport and holder, wallet, lip balm, snacks, glasses etc. This is much more efficient than digging through a bottomless tote every time you have to show your ID or plane ticket.

10. Cosmetics case

Toiletry cases keep your items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, and skincare products away from your clothes; shoes etc., avoiding any leaks or spills. My e-bags toiletry bag has been a game changer! It has many different compartments and it lays flat making it simple to fit into your bag. Also, it comes with a hanging hook to place in the bathroom of wherever you’re staying. I never travel without it now.