We spent 3 and 1/2 days exploring the city of love, Paris. Even though I’d been to Paris, I was excited to see how the city had evolved since I visited in 2014. I remembered Paris being a place where knowing French was highly recommended. I thought maybe it had changed over the years. It has not changed! There weren’t many English speakers.  I suggest you study some common French phrases before you go. Or just use Google translate like I did.

We landed in Paris around 10:30pm and almost got conned into a “private taxi service”. When we exited the airport the taxi line was extremely long! This one taxi driver who actually spoke English offered to take us in order to avoid the line. He warned us that the line would take over an hour for the public taxes. Late at night, tired and excited about reaching our Airbnb, we contemplated taking his cab. However, when he said that his price was more than a regular taxi and that he was open to taking dollars or euros, it reminded us a little too much of Taken. We quickly decided waiting on the long public taxi line would be in our best interest. *Tip* Take public transportation and avoid the private taxi drivers.

Where We Stayed

We eventually made it to our lovely Airbnb located in Latin Quarter. Despite how late it was our host met us in front and gave us a house tour. This is the only time an Airbnb host has ever provided me with a tour. It’s the little extra customer service that wins me over!

Overall, Paris had the most beautiful architecture.  There’s an immense amount of history and culture to explore. There sense of pride reminds me of NYC. Similar to NYC, Paris is huge and there’s a lot of trains. It took us about 45 minutes to get everywhere, but it was fairly simple to get around. We used Citymapper and Google maps the entire time.

Where To Eat

I enjoyed the food in Paris. It wasn’t my favorite of all the cities we visited, but it was good. If you’re wondering, I thought Barcelona had the best food. We ate at a bunch of random restaurants while in Paris but here’s the ones I’d recommend.

1. Angelina – Famous tea house with amazing hot chocolate and OUTSTANDING macaroons. I love macarons and ended up buying 15 of them!

2. Chez Fernand – Top notch classic french cuisine. We tried escargot here! Overall the food was tasty but on the pricier side.

3. Pink Mamma – Yummy Italian restaurant with the cutest decor. We enjoyed the pizza but found the cocktails to be weak. I’d recommend ordering wine here instead.

4. Le Soufflot – Try the croque monsieur and french onion soup, so delicious!

*Tip* Make sure to pick up a baguette and enjoy french pastries while exploring throughout the day.

Where To Drink

We were in Paris from Sunday night until Thursday morning so we didn’t go to as many bars as we did in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Here’s two bars we did love:

1. Champs 86 – Awarded worlds best pastry chef, Pierre Herme serves amazing drinks and deserts at this outdoor restaurant.

2. PNY Burger – Cute hipster bar with exotic cocktail flavors and small bites.

*Tip* Pick up wine from the liquor store and enjoy it at where ever you’re staying. One of our nights after a full day of walking and activities, we picked up Chinese food and wine and had a blast at the airbnb.

What To Do

1. Arc de Triomphe – You’ll get an epic view of Paris from this monument. Make sure to book tickets ahead of time to avoid the long line. Underneath the arc is a tomb of an unknown solder from WW1.

2. Stroll Champs-Elysées – Iconic boulevard known for it’s high end stores, restaurants and entertainment

3. Eiffel Tower – Order tickets ahead of time to go to the top. Make sure to give yourself enough time to have a photo shoot in front.

4. Louvre – One of the largest museums probably ever. Make sure to see the highlights like Mona Lisa, then leave after a couple hours because you could literally spend days there.

5. Jardin Des Tuileries – Lovely garden near the Louvre to sit and enjoy the scenery.

6. Jardin du Luxembourg – Another pretty garden to sit and admire.

7. Centre Pompidou Modern Art Museum – Dope modern art museum. I really enjoyed the exhibits there.

8. Pantheon – Our airbnb was steps away from here. A mausoleum containing the remains of the great writers, scientists, generals, churchmen and politicians who have made the history of France.

9. Norte Dame – The most famous of the Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages and is distinguished for its size, antiquity, and architectural interest. I’ve been years ago but the day before we planned to see it the fire happened. We actually witnessed it happen. Pretty iconic moment.

Next up, my favorite place of them all, Amsterdam!