Since I’m leaving for Thailand this weekend, I thought it was fitting to talk about some of my favorite money tips. I seek to inspire all my readers to save up your money and use it to experience their life dreams. 1,700 millionaires are created every day. In fact, there’s enough money circulating around the planet for every human being to have a net worth of $1 billion. Are you getting your share? We live in a world of abundance, but most of us don’t believe that to be true. Accumulating money is easy. It’s keeping it and learning how to use it to recreate more money that trips people up. Most people believe they know best practices about money when typically, they don’t.

1. Improve Your Money Mindset. Eliminate the limiting money beliefs that you have. Stop saying “I’m broke,” “I’ll never be able to afford that,” “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “People like me can’t make that amount of money…etc.” Those are all myths that “they” want you to believe so that you struggle financially, and you make the rich richer. I suggest listening to this super encouraging money meditation by Natalie Ellis, CEO of Boss Babe, to help you improve your mindset. Also, read You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero, she breaks down this concept brilliantly and explains it in a way that will have you ready to conquer your finances.

2. Pay Yourself First. Pay yourself like you would pay a bill. You are your most important investment so why wouldn’t you pay yourself first. Be sure to automate a percentage of your income to go into your savings account. Open an online savings account like Capital One 360, Simple, Ally, or American Express Savings, that has low or zero fees and a high interest savings rate and compounded daily interest. If you don’t trust yourself to invest into this account and not take money out then give your login to a trusted person. That way you won’t regularly check the account and you’ll only contribute to it. Set a date to check in on the amount and only cash out if absolutely necessary or when you’ve reached your financial goal. I’ve made the mistake of taking out money from my savings and ended up not really saving much at all. Make it a rule to save and not touch the money. Famous motivational speaker Lisa Nicolas wrote a check to herself every pay period for three and a half years and saved $62,500!

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3. Pay Down High-Interest Credit Card Debt First. Another money mistake that I’ve made is paying off my debt before paying myself. DO NOT pay the credit bureaus before paying yourself. Keep track of your finances in a spreadsheet and pay down debt based on what you can afford. I recommend paying at least a bit more than the minimum payment if you can’t pay off the card completely each month. Check out the spreadsheet I created for myself here. Aim to have an overall credit utilization of 30% or less, anything higher will negatively affect your score. Many of my friends have experienced being unsure of how to prioritize which credit cards to pay first. I always say pay down the ones with the highest interest rates first because they will have the highest fees.


4. Calculate Your Ideal Monthly Income. Identify the ideal amount of money you’d like to make each month. Do this by adding up all your monthly expenses and usual purchases. After you have a figure you are happy with, subtract that number from your current monthly income. The result is the amount of money you’ll need to acquire through other ventures. There are some many videos on YouTube that explain how to create a successful side hustle. I’ve started my Finesse Fitness brand and it’s a profitable side hustle that I’m passionate about.

5. Begin Investing as Much as You Can Afford. Invest early and invest for a long time. Compound interest is ahhhh-mazing! Invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, life insurance, or other investment plans. Utilize apps like Acorn or Stash and set aside $10-30 a week for stock purchases. A lot of people invest in to their employers 401Ks. I’m personally not a fan of 401Ks and would suggest a Roth IRA instead, but to each their own.


These tips will help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, save more, and eventually reach financial freedom! These are a few awesome ways to start, but of course there are a vast amount of other ways to hit your financial goals. Continue to do your research to find the best methods for your lifestyle. You have no idea of how financially powerful you truly are.