2015 was a rough year for me. I lost two family members who were like parental figures, broke up with the man I thought I would marry one day, and my college best friend and I stopped speaking. To say the least, it felt like my life was losing purpose. I then spent two years actively rebuilding myself into the women I always dreamt of being. Fast forward to 2017, when I began regaining more control of my life, discovered my life passions, fell in love with my spectacular boyfriend, and created my blog, The Fire Inside.

I value paying attention to the aura’s and energy of those you allow around you. We all have a spark of fire inside of us that’s just waiting to turn into an inferno. I named my blog The Fire Inside because my fire drives my every move. My fire fuels my ambition. The fire inside of me stops me from hesitating and instead fuels me to chase each and every dream I have.

I’m not a huge fan of concrete labels so I find it difficult to just call myself a specific type of blogger. However if I had to define what type of blogger I am, it would be a lifestyle blogger. All my posts will include a personal story or personal connection to what I’m discussing. I’m an expresser, a digital storyteller, and a word lover. I enjoy expressing myself through many mediums; dance, art, fashion, and my favorite…words! I aspire to write about anything relevant that I believe is worth sharing and discussing with others. That can range from lifestyle tips to food, travel, relationships, work, self-care, or fashion. I love writing, sharing, and most of all inspiring and connecting with others. My life is a story book and I plan to make it a best seller.